Fast Approval Underwriting

The AXCESS Underwriting features provide businesses with the tools to manage the Underwriting process and by so doing, mitigate the risk to the Lender.

The decision and workflow engines provide you with a method of controlling and removing undue risk factors that are particular to your business methods. With AXCESS you can design the workflow that best suits your business as you step through the processes of Borrower Review, Property Review, Conditional Responses and Client follow up..

Your workflows, your
rules, your documents

Build automated checks and balances into the Underwriting process.

Implement rules based workflows to reflect any number of funders guidelines.

Assessment and Communication

  • Send Email and SMS
  • Interact with other Third Party systems
  • Automatically assess loan applications.
  • Escalate compliance issues to the appropriate teams.
  • All customisable within the AXCESS software itself.
  • Define your own product lifecycles, escalation points, statuses, use your won document templates.

Configurable workflows & task automation

Workflows under pin every aspect of the AXCESS system and are configured with an easy to use flowchart style designer.

Configure anything to occur automatically or manually from credit checks, interaction with Origination systems, arrears management, communications, reporting and so on.

Configurable rules based engine

Configure your own assessment rules based on any funding guidelines and implement multiple rule paths for multple asset classes for multiple funders.

Trigger this assessment and process the outcomes automatically to reduce the number of touch points required to take an application through the funding process faster than ever.

Automated document creation

Generation of documentation required at any time from origination through to servicing and arrears management, discharge or foreclosure is automated and users your own configurable document templates.

Example Scenarios

Turnaround a quote back to the broker in 60 seconds

By automating the assessment process and building in rules specific to your funding guidelines, applications can be approved automatically in seconds.
Backchannel messaging to brokers can given them the answer they’re looking for immediately.

Rule based decision making to support the underwriting process

Automatically identify which of your funders a loan application is best suited for as it arrives, based on rules created from their own lending guidelines.

Match Investors

In a contributory or pooled mortgage scenario, find suitable investors with funds available to new loan applications.

Document collection and generation

Streamline the collection of required documentation and highlight requirements for reaching approval to Agents and Borrowers.

Generate necessary documentation such as Letters of Offer and Loan Agreements automatically, for your own branded templates.

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