Account Servicing

Once you have accounts to manage AXCESS really comes to the fore.

Combining the automation capabilities of Axcess with the extremely customisable nature of the product suite, day to day servicing is simple.

Axcess servicing capabilities will all be customised to meet your business needs. No mix of product offerings is too simple or too complicated.

Use workflows, status changes and automation to steamline your day to day account servicing demands

All aspects of the AXCESS system expose flexible workflows which can be configured to automatically perform any task you need with as little or as much human intervention as you require.

Use this power for all aspects of Servicing.

Account Servicing

With workflow automation

  • Individual and Team Task Management
  • Disbursement of Loan Advances and Investment Allocations
  • Repayment and Arrears managements
  • Transaction Processing
  • Fee Management
  • Interest Accrual and Charges
  • Portfolio Allocations
  • Compliance Management

Configurable workflows & task automation

Workflows under pin every aspect of the AXCESS system and are configured with an easy to use flowchart style designer.

Configure anything to occur automatically or manually from Interest processing to Arrears escalation.

Repayment and Arrears Processing

Process Direct Debit receipts and disburse funds using Direct Credit banking interfaces.

Integrate everything such as Fee generation with dishonour processing, arrears status changes and documentation with escalation processes and governance.

Automated all Fortnightly and Monthly Interest processing

Accrue interest automatically, charge and capitalize according to any business rules.

Mix and Match these rules according to your Product Matrix rules.

Allocate interest back to investors in a Pooled Mortgage scenario.

Example Scenarios

Escalate Arrears documentation and follow up

By automating the arrears handling process and building in rules specific to your funding guidelines, accounts can change status, penalty interest can be applied, documents generated, notifications sent, fees charged and/or reports can be distributed by the AXCESS system automatically.

Governance and compliance regulations specific to your jurisdiction can also be applied.

Interest Allocation and Distribution to Investors in Contributory or Pooled Mortgages

Allocation Interest earned on loans in a portfolio, to the investors in those loans automatically.

Calculate, check then distribute that interest to investors on the required frequency.

Direct Debit Processing

Integrate your repayment processing with your bank by generating Direct Debit (pull) requests for all accounts with repayments due.

Disburse payments to account holders such as loan advances to borrowers, or interest distributions to investors.

Next Benefit

Deliver accurate and detailed reporting to investors

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