Deliver accurate and detailed reporting to all stakeholders

AXCESS captures all manner of very granular information, in a transactional fashion that when combined with the core CRM and the powerful account association functionality, allows unlimited reporting capabilities.

If it’s standard reports, or complex custom solutions you require, AXCESS has you covered.

Granular, transactional data with a CRM at it’s core.

Loans and Investments are linked to all the relevant parties and all data is captured and maintained in such a granular fashion that reporting is possible from the point of view of any stakeholder.

Standard or Customisable Reports

  • An inbuilt report editors/designer allows for customized reports
  • Focus reporting on any stakeholder thanks to very granular yet multi-dimensional relationships between all parties.
  • Automate Reporting
  • Distribute reports via email to store securely on your network.
  • Generate Reports in most common formats included PDF and MS Excel
  • Queue Reports for printing, emailing or downloading at a later time.

Automate Reports

The powerful AXCESS workflow engine can trigger reports at anytime, from the click of a button by an operator, to an automated End of Day batch process, or scheduled recurring task.

Granular CRM related data

With AXCESS’ Core CRM combined with a flexible asset class design, reporting based on any relationship amongst loans, investors and all third parties is possible.

Send, print or store reports

Reports can be generated as PDF, or Excel files, stored against the relevant parties within the AXCESS CRM, stored in a shared location within your corporate network, or even emailed to any party – internal or external to your company.

Reports can even be queued for printing later in a batch.

Example Scenarios

Third Party Funders require monthly statistics by Tranche

We configure the AXCESS scheduling service to generate reports, store them securely on the network and email them to authorized email addresses at close of business as required.

Copies of the reports are also stored within the Funder’s document vault and can be retrieved or resent at any time.

Monthly Arrears Reporting

Configure monthly reporting for your accounts department, based on your rules for Arrears ageing.

Create those reports as Excel spreadsheets and email them to the Accounts Department.

Follow up Reporting for Brokers

Send brokers a weekly update of outstanding applications to be followed up on, plus a breakdown of the performance of their applications each month. No interaction necessary.

Financial Reporting

Use AXCESS’ powerful yet completely configurable financial transaction structure create financial reports to reconcile with external accounting systems.

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