Protect your business

Automate the mundane and customize workflows and validation to help eliminate human errors.

Implement a solution flexible enough and supported by local experts (on call) to scale your business quickly when the opportunity arises.

The flexibility of the AXCESS software and first class support offered by Axcess Consulting combines to protect and enable your business.

Flexibility & personal support combine to ready to for any business opportunity

Customizable workflows and business processes, validation and security and quality software consulting and support combine to protect your business from threats and open it up to all opportunites.

Don’t miss opportunities

  • AXCESS is so flexible, new processes and workflows can be implemented quickly 
  • Put yourself way ahead of your competitors 
  • Benefit from the agility of AXCESS – roll out new products in no time.
  • Flexible and configurable user profiles with extremely granular control over access to processes and functionality within the software.
  • Define your own product matrixes, status workflow, escalation points, statuses, use your own document templates and automated it all to eliminate user error.

Product and Client Classes give you control and agility

The flexible nature of how clients and asset classes are defined in AXCESS means you can pivot your business to take advantage of any opportunity in mere days.

Product Matrices and customizable workflows and product lifecycles

Roll out new product types with their own documentation, workflows, validation and controls without engaging programmers.

Let your business analysts work with our consultants to keep your business agile.

Build in Control

Build in validation, checks and balances as you go to protect your business form human errors.

Example Scenarios

Roll out new Products quickly

With simple Copy and Paste functionality, quickly duplicate, then tweak existing functionality in a matter of days or weeks not months!

Combine the flexibility of customizable product types, client types and user security profiles to build systems that suit all your operators.

Focus your staff on what is important to them. Keep them focuses and protect against human error or staff turnover.

AXCESS works with your staff, the way they work by allowing user profiles to be configured and limited to the functionality each operator needs.

Streamlining work in this way reduces errors and increases productivity.

Next Benefit

Automation to expand the capacity of your team

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