Once the system is installed within a user organisation the default Service Views can be used directly or using the tools provided, easily modified to accurately reflect the business process and policies of the client – all without code changes.

Additional Service Views can be easily developed for any financial product either by Axcess Consulting Group or the user organisation. The only requirement for Axcess Consulting Group is that they may be needed to incorporate new calculations and formulas into core of the AXCESS.

Ultimately this means that Axcess Consulting Group can regularly maintain and update the core without any impact on the Service Views containing the business IP of the client – in fact client IP is protected as it never has to leave the client site.

AXCESS has almost unlimited branching in the workflow with provision for the end user to add as many business rules at each point as are required. This feature can be configured to automate much of the lending process, and remove human error, create administration efficiency and keep your employees focused on the customer service aspects of your business.

Customisation to AXCESS, while not being trivial, is able to be made by anyone with Technical Business Analyst skills. The process for achieving the self customization is to:

  1. Define the product or service you wish to manage
  2. Define the process required to manage it
  3. Define the data requirements needed for managing it
  4. Review existing Service Views to decide which – if any – partially suit your needs
  5. If a suitable View currently exists you start with this view as the basis
  6. If a suitable View does not exist, create one from scratch
  7. Use the AXCESS editor to
    • add new data fields
    • remove unrequired fields
    • add/change/remove business rules
    • define security access to the data and views
    • test and release for use

The best part of it all is the ease of modification, and the fact that when going through final user testing, you can make any flow or data changes quickly – almost on the spot! This ensures a rapid deployment of the new Service View and a rapid Return on Investment with your new product being ready for market faster then with any other system on the market.

AXCESS enables you to maintain the “business intelligence” under your complete control and free you to do business your way.