AXCESS Online Loan Software...

Today’s consumers expect to be able to do much of their business from where ever they are, using a smart phone, tablet or notebook computer. On this basis the need for service providers to cater for this requirement is becoming one of the most important aspects of gaining and retaining market share. To that end we have been working hard to add to or convert many existing system functionalities to the web front end throughout the development of our AXCESS Online Loan Software System.

This means that we are providing the user (this can be a client from home or staff member from overseas) access to the Online Loan Software and the availability of web features will be subject to the assigned profile. For example, some components will or will be not accessible to the staff/clients according to their profile settings.

Some of the loan tasks can be undertaken via our exclusive AXCESS Web Application;

Our Online Loan Software Tasks
  1. Online Loan Applications
  2. Document Management
  3. View Transactions
  1. Email/SMS Automation
  2. Secure Online Payments
  3. Rewards Point Management

Online Access Privileges (Profile Based)

User access to AXCESS is managed via a sophisticated process of Profiling. Profiles manage access privileges. A user is granted access, denied access or given read only access to different functionality depending on the command settings within their profile. You can permit access to the residential system but not commercial, you can deny access to the Loan Underwriting process but permit access to the origination function.  Two users can be granted access to the same function but actually have different access to individual icons within the same screen.

The best example is in the case of two Brokers who only want to see details of loans associated with them. At loan level a Broker association is created with a Brokers name linked to it. The command in the Brokers profile grants the Broker permission to access only those loans with his name assigned. A broker can have one profile. A profile can have many brokers.

There are over 120 individual commands designed to manage access rights. Create your own commands if you have a mind to.