AXCESS Loan Management Software offers range of default Service Views, including Loans & Investors. Using ‘Service View Tool Kit’ you can create your own Service Views

Imagine all the data you need to collect for your loan or investment products (contact details, product details, security, policy data etc), the workflow you need to manage the life cycle of the product (background checks, insurance details, expiry dates), and all the supporting documentation and communications required as well.

Now imagine all of this contained in a simple to use system which steps your staff through tasks and activities to ensure that your business policies are adhered to and the customers are serviced correctly, while all the time protecting the interests of your business.

Got all that? – Well that is what we call a AXCESS Loan Management Service View.

AXCESS is delivered with a range of default Service Views, including Loans and Investors, but with our “Service View Tool Kit” you can create and manage your own business specific Service Views.