The AXCESS Lending Software Solution is capable of fully automating Loan Management Process that will save your time and money..!

The AXCESS Lending Software Solution

The screen shots of our Lending Software Solution in this section give only a glimpse of the range of financial products and processes that the AXCESS facilitates.

AXCESS is very rarely sold as an “out of the box” solution as it is “personalised” for almost every client.

This means that AXCESS supports the client’s desired business processes rather than dictates them.

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AXCESS is software designed to be tailored to user requirements. In this sense it is “open” to change. A Client can accept AXCESS in it’s “Out of the Box” vanilla version or change it to suit.

A Business Analyst (BA) with SQL skills can manipulate the data, produce workflow to automatically create and link notes and documents and create tasks that facilitate the “follow up” process.

At the heart of the core programs is a CRM engine which maintains all contact information about the client, provides access to documents sent and received and will provide a dossier of information about the client from a single source.