Flexibility is at its core

  • Does your software force your business to work its way?
  • Does your business environment change so fast your systems can’t keep up?
  • Does your system require costly programmer intervention every time you want even a minor change?

Our Loan Software Overview

AXCESS Loan Software System is not a static software product in the conventional sense. Most software systems are designed and written to perform particular function(s). To add more explicit functionality can be a costly and time driven. AXCESS software is different. The lending programs have already been written into the core functionality. The difference is the workflow engine which permits the user (or Axcess staff) to tailor business processes to mimic already existing functionality or create new ones.

Core Programs

AXCESS is software designed to be tailored to user requirements. In this sense it is “open” to change. A Client can accept AXCESS in it’s “Out of the Box” vanilla version or change it to suit.

A Business Analyst (BA) with SQL skills can manipulate the data, produce workflow to automatically create and link notes and documents and create tasks that facilitate the “follow up” process.

At the heart of the core programs is a CRM engine which maintains all contact information about the client, provides access to documents sent and received and will provide a dossier of information about the client from a single source.

  • Form Design
  • Core Programs
  • Workflow
  • SQL Database

The Cloud and SaaS

AXCESS has two modes of operation. The choice is yours.

  1. The Client/Server Version

Control your own destiny via the implementation of AXCESS on your own hardware and operating systems.

  1. The Cloud Mode and SaaS Version

Allow the central hosting of AXCESS via the internet on a licensed subscription basis. This is termed as “software as a service” and AXCESS is compliant with the method.

Residential Loans, Commercial Loans, Personal Loans and Pay Day Loans:
  1. User defined workflow steps and processes
  2. Interfaces to third parties
  3. Loan Origination
  4. Loan Approval
  5. Loan Underwriting
  6. Loan Servicing
  7. Collections
  8. Arrears and Litigation review
  9. Task and Messaging System
  10. Variable and fixed rate interest management
  1. Document Management
  2. Workflow with decisioning capabilities
  3. Settlements and disbursements
  4. Full end to end loan and investment management
  5. Principal and Interest Only calculations
  6. Contributory mortgages
  7. Full audit tracking
  8. Commission calculation and tracking – Upfront and trail
  9. User Profile and Security Passwords
Investment and Funds Management:
  1. Unit Trusts, Property Trusts, Debentures, Contributory Mortgages and At Call Accounts
  2. Reconciliation of loans and deposits
  3. Integration with General Ledger
  4. Multiple company accounts
  1. EFT including Direct debits and credits
  2. Portfolio view
  3. Securitisation module to create and view SPVs and tranches
  4. Monitoring reports for rating agencies requirements
Discharges, Securities and Insurance:
  1. Configurable discharge system to apply to company policy and products
  2. Future dated discharges
  3. Full securities register
  1. Security packet tracking
  2. Multiple insurance policy and strata title support fully integrated into the work flow
  3. Notifications of insurances falling due
  1. Calculation and Notification of Arrears
  2. Document generation
  1. Workflow management
  2. Penalty interest calculation