AXCESS Financial Software Suite is without doubt the best value for money financial product portfolio management system on the market.

AXCESS allows you to be:

  • In Front Of Your Customers – More Often
  • In Front Of Your Competition– Always
  • In Front Of Return On Investment – Essential
  • In Front In Risk Mitigation – Compulsory

AXCESS Loan and Investment Management Software Suite has been developed as a single database system with a series of interconnecting workflows and functions. You now have the ability to install an information processing infrastructure that allows a business to respond very quickly to new and emerging challenges. The financial products and services industry changes rapidly, new products and services can now be released with a minimal lag in the time it takes from inception to market readiness.

Stay In Front of Your Customer

Let AXCESS Loan Software do the manual work leaving you more time to spend for the growth of your company. Let the software do the work as it follows the road-map of your business processes and policies, thus ensuring repeatable quality services and allowing you to be face to face with your client base more often.

Stay In Front Of Your Competition

Built on the latest technology AXCESS enables you to easily build the capability of handling new products and services into your business environment to keep ahead of your competition. While the competition spends 6 months releasing new products or adapting to market changes, you’ve already taken the next step forward comfortable in the knowledge that your software systems are ready to cope with innovative and profitable new services.

With this sort of power in your hands your systems will not hold you back from your full market potential.

Stay In Front With BIG Savings & Returns On Investment

Our Loan Software can significantly reduce the ongoing cost of an IT system. Employee costs are always a killer expense. The integrated nature of AXCESS means that base data such as a borrowers name or account details- among others- is stored once and every other function requiring use of that data accesses that one place. For instance the changing of a borrowers name and address is a one time update..not a many times task. When you remove many tasks from a business process the level of employees involvement reduces. Utilising AXCESS flexibility, decision making and automation features, your business can grow without a significant increase in the employee level.

Proactive In Minimising Risk

Traditionally tracking insurance policies across a large customer base was a costly and time consuming task, causing many lenders today to choose not to do it at all.

Using AXCESS Loan Software it is easy to set up a process of capturing the insurance details against the loan at the time of “borrowing”. Simply set the policy expiry date in the borrowers data and the system can be configured to automatically alert the lender when the policy is due to expire thereby minimising the risk in the event of a lapsed condition. .

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Most lending software systems record very little about the client – many of our competitors have no client database at all! AXCESS is built around a CRM system, so that you can store all the relevant information on not only your clients but also your investors and service providers such as brokers, valuers, solicitors and insurers, etc. With this database you can construct borrower links to relationships that exist between these parties.

With this sort of data at your fingertips you can easily review complex relationships and hidden information about loan portfolios, or search and filter on any attribute within the system.

Repeatability, Quality, Accuracy

Many of the automated decisioning systems only deal with the loan application process i.e. the decision to accept the application or not. Our AXCESS Loan Application System allows you to map all of your processes, policies and rules for the complete life cycle of the loan. Thus you can be assured that your procedures are followed in a quality and repeatable manner. As there is no need for separate databases and bespoke solutions for other products, you minimise data entry, reduce errors and provide all the necessary information for your staff via one single interface.


By taking advantage of the Document Repository you can scan and store all your documentation online and enable retrieval of these documents in any location without having to run to the filing cabinet.

AXCESS is without doubt the best value for money financial product portfolio management system on the market. AXCESS has the competition out-muscled when it comes to functionality and flexibility, at a fraction of the price of other systems on the market today.

  1. Bring a new financial product or service to market quickly
  2. Improve your processes and customer service levels without hiring more staff
  3. Enforce your business policies and rules creating consistent decisions
  4. Significantly reduce cost of management
  5. Break the linear relationship between staff and growth
  6. Understand who your customers are & what business they are doing with you