AXCESS is a complete financial product and services management system built around a comprehensive customer database relationship management tool. Due to its flexibility and ability to be configured to suit specific business and product needs, AXCESS is capable of managing any financial product. In addition, to maintain and amend this business specific customisation, you do not need to rely on the availability of often costly resources of a software developer, AXCESS is designed to allow the end user organisation significant independence if required.

AXCESS, by being built around a CRM core, enables you to maintain a complete dossier of the contacts and the companies you are dealing with such as customers, prospective clients, third parties to any loan or investment, suppliers and service providers or your own employees. This CRM functionality, along with the calculation and workflow engines, is the core of AXCESS and the system is then extended through the use of financial product administration functionality.

AXCESS provides the default functionality to manage standard financial products and services, however these functions are also fully “end user” customisable to enable you to configure and mould AXCESS to fit the business’s current and ever changing needs.

AXCESS has a comprehensive suite of inbuilt functionality and the capability to integrate with existing systems such that AXCESS becomes the platform for management of your entire business.