AXCESS has Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality built into its core. Every other business function and feature passes interactively through the CRM. In the context of a lending environment the term customer refers to not only borrowers but all other persons or businesses that “touch” a loan throughout its life-cycle. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Borrowers
  2. Valuers
  3. Solicitors
  1. Originators
  2. Funders
  3. Operational Staff

AXCESS is designed to provide a dossier of information on your customer’s relationship with your business. This can be the result of contact via different channels of which the website, telephone, direct mail, marketing and social media are the most likely.

In AXCESS the CRM is also used to map and record complex relationships particularly when corporate borrowing or investing is required.

AXCESS CRM helps you close more loans, create better relationships and increase referrals by automating communication with your contacts, clients and partners, for example, our powerful reporting engine let users to see up to date information live. Simply log into AXCESS’ online portal and manage your tasks even using with your smart mobile phone.