Bringing in business quickly and effectively is key

AXCESS will streamline the flow of new business into your systems be it investment or loan applications.

With interfaces to third party systems like Next Gen’s Apply Online we can gear your business up to receive new loan applications quickly and efficiently.

Naturally, you can build your own application front end as well, and have it integrate into the same business process.

Expand your Sales Funnel

By combining the many aspects of the AXCESS system, you can funnel new business into your company from many sources.

Originate business

From multiple sources

  • Integrate with common and/or bespoke front end origination systems.
  • Use industry standard (LIXI) interfaces or map to any legacy systems you need.
  • Automatically assess loan applications.
  • Escalate assessment issues to the appropriate teams.
  • Trigger notifications.
  • View the new business pipeline and Team work queues at a glance.

Configurable work queues and pipeline

AXCESS’ work queues map to your business process, with status based categories which can map to any number of teams.

Pass work between teams automatically at each step of your application life cycle.

Configurable actions every step of the way

Configure your own assessment rules based on any funding guidelines and implement multiple rule paths for multple asset classes for multiple funders.

Trigger this assessment and process the outcomes automatically to reduce the number of touch points required to take an application through the funding process faster than ever.

Automated document creation

Generation of documentation required at any time from origination through to servicing and arrears management, discharge or foreclosure is automated and users your own configurable document templates.

Example Scenarios

Turnaround a quote back to the broker in 60 seconds

By automating the assessment process and building in rules specific to your funding guidelines, applications can be approved automatically in seconds.
Backchannel messaging to brokers can given them the anQswer they’re looking for immediately.

Interface to External Systems

By facilitating unlimited customisable import processes, AXCESS can accept (and send) loan application information to and from any Third Party systems.

Our customisable Web Service interfaces facilitate receiving applications in any format and returning critical information and back channel messages to those systems.

Other 3rd Party Intefaces

The loan origination process invariable involved communication between several parties. The Web Services based approach of AXCESS makes two way communication with any number of thirds parties, at any stage of the process simple and flexible.

Next Benefit

Underwriting to expand the capacity of your team

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