Our Loan Software Suite contains Loan Underwriting Software that combines borrower analytics, exceptions-based risk modeling, and a customizable loan approval system

Loan Underwriting

The AXCESS Loan Underwriting Software provides a user with the business tools to manage the Loan Underwriting process and by so doing mitigate the risk to the Lender.

The decision and workflow engines provide you with a method of controlling and removing undue risk factors that are particular to your business methods. With AXCESS you can design the workflow that best suits your business as you step through the processes of Borrower Review, Property Review, Conditional Responses and Client follow up.

All documents required by the Underwriting process for assessment are provided by AXCESS .

  1. Employment details of Current and Past employers
  2. Proof of Identity through Passports, Licences and Credit Cards
  3. Financial Assets and Liabilities to reveal the financial stability of the applicant
  4. Security Property Assessment via Google Maps to determine property suitability

Security Property Review

AXCESS integrates Google Maps with its Security Property functionality. This greatly reduces the time taken to visit and inspect any property collateral offered.

Financial Analysis

AXCESS will access the financial statements entered and can provide historical assessments and trend analysis on Nine (9) KFI’s. One of these assessments is the ACID TEST which is a liquidity ratio that measures the ability of a company to use its near cash or quick assets to extinguish or retire its current liabilities immediately.

Conditional Responses

The Approval Process

Do you need to manage the different conditions that impact the underwriting process?

What about showing all the lending conditions and highlighting (at a glance) those that have not yet been met?

AXCESS displays all outstanding lending conditions on an application and prevents it from being approved until all are met. Talk about risk minimization!

AXCESS treats Underwriting as the Approval phase of a loan. You can implement AXCESS as an Origination solution with or without Underwriting or as an Servicing solution only. Better yet implement all of AXCESS as an End to End solution to Lending.

Snapshot of our online loan underwriting software