Our Loan Servicing Software provides a powerful loan management solution to mortgage lenders, banks and other financial institutions.

The modular make-up of the AXCESS means you implement just the components you need.

The Origination, Underwriting and Loan Servicing features fit seamlessly together or work independently.

A data conversion by our professional analysts is usually the best place to start.

The simplicity of the loan application process that creates your borrower base as it goes, makes growing your portfolio easy.

Loan Servicing begins once a loan application has been approved .

Naturally different organisations perform this process differently.

With AXCESS you define your business rules, the workflows to implement them and even the screens you use and the information you capture.

Being different is not a problem it is a competitive advantage.

What do you expect a Loan Servicing System to do?

Axcess expects that you have a borrower with a Loan Balance. Axcess will know how to control, manage and protect that balance over the period the loan exists. Now extend that one loan to 100,000 loans plus and you understand the processing capabilities that Axcess is capable of. Small, medium or large businesses are catered for by a solution built to suit all.

Calculate Interest

Interest calculations can be simple or compound, rule of 78 or straight line. These are just a few of the options in a complex financial field.

AXCESS provides daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly interest calculation cycles. You define this for all of the loan products that you offer.

An interest rate can be either fixed or variable or linked to a trigger, like a bank bill rate. They can be in advance or in arrears and can be capitalised or charged. They can also be made up from a number of different components as in a base rate + risk margin + location margin plus commissions. This provides the facility to show the rate charged to a client but split it into processing levels for business management reasons.

Automatic Scheduling via Dates and Tasks

The AXCESS loan servicing software has an inbuilt automated Date and Task feature which classifies tasks as either pending (future) or active (current). Why is this important?

The Loan Servicing Software facilitates the ongoing process that without AXCESS will require the constant monitoring of manual systems.

  1. Interest calculations
  2. Loan installments calculations
  3. Fee and Penalty interest calculations
  4. Commissions
  5. Creation of Documents and Letters via Templates
  1. Email and User Task notifications
  2. Loan Status cycling
  3. Direct Debit Payments
  4. Direct Credit Payments


Loan Servicing

The AXCESS loan servicing software is the perfect system for automation of all aspects of your loan servicing operation. It takes you from settlement, interest and repayment processing to the collections of arrears. The Loan Servicing Software is an integral component in our entire software suite. Should Loan Origination or Underwriting not be required Loan Servicing operates in a stand-alone manner.


At some point in the Loan Servicing phase, a loan balance goes into arrears. AXCESS completely automates notifications of non-payment.

AXCESS removes the hassle from litigation too. The letter and document control features of AXCESS allow you to access all documentation relate to borrowers in one place.

Processing at End of Day

End of Day (Close of Business)

All automated Loan Serving processes are carried out by the AXCESS End Of Day Process.

This process accrues interest, sets repayment dates, and produces letters, documents and statements for individual borrowers. No manual input required. In short the EOD “flag” items (tasks) and processes them for a particular date.

Debit and Credit Payment Processing

AXCESS accepts payments for both debit and credit transactions. Both are automated processes and are fully integrated into the major banks and other 3rd party systems.


Document Management Software has the flexibility to allow the user to create “template” documents using an inbuilt text editor.

Any of your documentation requirements, from Marketing to Legal Contracts and anywhere in between, can be automated by these templates.

The document management functions contained within AXCESS provide you with comprehensive control over your documents. Read More…