Our Loan Origination Software fits the needs of diverse lenders, streamlines lending operations and strengthens customer relationships.

Loan Origination is a complex POS process that underpins the operation of all Lending Systems. Axcess Consulting understands the importance of providing timely, efficient and effective customer service at the point of sale and has automated and streamlined the process of initial contact and ongoing customer contact.

The AXCESS origination software includes:

  1. Single Source Client Account Relationship Management
  2. Quick Quotations
  3. Online Applications
  4. Integrated Document Management
  5. Task and Date Management
  1. User Designed Workflow
  2. Rule Making Decision Engine
  3. User Customisation and Tailoring Development Tools
  4. Branding Identity functionality
  5. Cloud and SaaS connectivity

The AXCESS software provides a seamless automated solution to the demands of the origination process.

Our Loan Origination Software is revolves around a central CRM which manages a ‘dossier’ of client contacts. This customer focus gives brokers a great advantage in a competitive market place.

Prepare letters, user documentation, client guides and contracts from within AXCESS and have them automatically linked to the client by the task and workflow engines.

Brokers can manage when to reply to a client, how to reply to a client and what is sent to a client.

Quick Quotation ( DIP )

Quick Quotations

A key component of today’s market expectations is the “Quick Quotation”. AXCESS calls this process the “Decision in Principle” (DIP) method of quoting. The Quick Quotation advantage is priceless when the inability to respond to a “Request for Quotation” in a timely manner can make or break a deal.

The rules of the DIP can be ‘tailored’ to reflect your view of this part of the origination process.

Online Application Submission

Mobile Solutions

AXCESS operates on a multi-channel platform of different devices for online submission of a quotation and a Loan Application. Tablets, Mobile Phones and Laptops are all input devices used within the origination process. Whether you prefer a “Local Server” or a “Cloud” based solution (with subscription based licensing) you can rest assured, AXCESS is the right solution.

Broker Branding

Built in Branding

Do you have a Broker Network? Is Branding an issue?  AXCESS has a branding function assists in building a broker business. You can ‘tailor’ broker websites on an individual basis via individual logos and links to broker web pages.

AXCESS has an integrated security access system that ensures that Brokers can only get access to their own loan accounts.