Raise the bar on customer service

AXCESS is a customer centric system. The entire customer lifecycle is managed within the platform and tied back in to your CRM.

 Nothing falls through the cracks and customer touchpoints get the benefit of automation.

Your workflows, your
rules, your messages… YOUR customers!

When you tailor the entire CUSTOMER experience from end to end, AND the user experience for your STAFF so that the screens they use all day help them to their job, with information that’s relevant to them, everyone wins.

Focus on ALL customers

  • At some point everyone is a customer – most lenders serve multiple masters. AXCESS focuses on them all
  • Help each staff member delight their own customers but focusing each User Profile on what matters to them.
  • Escalate issues to the appropriate teams.
  • Automate communications to all parties.
  • Templates keep you on-brand and on-message

Customer Service under pins everything

At the centre of AXCESS is a Client Relationship Manager.

Details for all parties are central to AXCESS and it helps you SERVE everyone.

Everyone is a customer

Your business will be successful if you delight everyone who has to interact with you.

Borrowers, Investors, other Third Parties – when they’re all happy, things go well for you.

Automated Messaging

By automating messaging at all points in the customer lifecycle, it’s fast and consistent.

Example Scenarios

Your Loan Application has been received…

Notify customers via Email or SMS as their loan application progresses through your workflows. Show them you’re all over it – keep them informed and remove the need to answer phone calls, queries, or worse, field complaints because they don’t know what’s going on. “Your loan application has been received…”, “Your application has been approved…” “Please provide us with the following…” the options are endless.

Stay on Message

With branded document templates for Emails, and canned messaging for SMS, say on message and on brand with all communications.

Next Benefit

Deliver accurate and detailed reporting to investors

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