We create Microsoft Windows™ based financial solutions that allow users to design their own data interfaces and business based workflows.

Axcess Consulting Group Pty Ltd provides solutions in the product management area, including loans and investments, to financial institutions including lenders and investment companies. We provide value to our clients in a single software platform that both reconciles and manages loan and investment portfolios through a client-centric system.

Axcess Consulting Pty Ltd was originally  formed in 1991 and operated as a general consultancy to businesses including the finance industry. It soon became obvious to Axcess that a gap in the market existed for a solution to manage the complex relationships and loan and investment portfolios. At that time these processes were often managed by multiple systems which failed to provide the businesses with a consolidated view of their business so there was an incentive to provide a single software package to manage all of the processes hence the idea for AXCESS (Axcess Relationship Manager) was born.

AXCESS version 1 was built and first sold 1995, and was so successful Axcess Consulting Group was purchased by Baycorp Holding Ltd (NZL) in 2001 and became part of the Baycorp Lending Solutions business – outsourcing originations for companies such as Pepper Home Loans, Westpac NZL, AXA NZL. Baycorp Advantage Ltd sold Lending solutions to Pepper Home Loans April 2004, and through a management buy out Axcess Consulting Group were able to purchase back the AXCESS product and relaunch as Axcess Consulting Group Pty Ltd in June 2004.