AXCESS has Flexibility is at its Core

Sick of your software forcing you to work its way?

Does your business environment change so fast your systems can’t keep up?

Do you require costly programmer intervention every time you want even a minor change?

If you answered “YES” to any of these then you need to keep reading!

Take Control

How would you like to take control and start using a system that suits your business and works the way you want your business work?

If you’d like to be able to continually refine your software system in order to suit the ever changing business environment you work in, without the need for costly intervention from your software vendor or a team of in-house programmers then the AXCESS ™ software product is just what you’re looking for.

AXCESS is the most flexible financial product management software on the market.

The AXCESS™ software facilitates management of loans and investment portfolios, including Mortgages, Contributory (or Pooled) Mortgages, Commercial Loans, Insurance products, the list is endless, because you make the rules.

With AXCESS you can take control of the software and implement your business practices and policies within its powerful workflow engine. Build your own screens, or alter the ones it comes with. Change any of the rules to suit your business.

This means you receive the perfect tailor-made system for your business.

AXCESS is a complete Financial Services Platform.

The administration interface enables someone with technical business analyst skills to configure and maintain AXCESS, thereby providing complete control over the system.

With a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) at its core and templates to cater for the most common financial services, AXCESS provides you with the framework to implement your own purpose built business system.

With AXCESS you can re-evaluate and improve your business processes and build meaningful workflow into your business environment.

AXCESS features include:

  • CRM functionality at its core.
  • Templates for managing: Clients, Mortgage Loans, Investments, Leasing, Personal Loans, Managed Funds
  • Workflow Management and Automation capability catering for logical branching (as many “yes” / “no” paths as you like).
  • Rule based decisioning
  • Integration with MS Word and Outlook
  • Report authoring

So don’t change your business to fit your software, instead change the software to fit your business – take control with AXCESS.

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