Our cloud-based and mobile-ready Loan Management Software offers ease of use and access for your customers and staff from anywhere in the world. Featuring comprehensive functionality to meet the needs of the Loan Origination, Loan Servicing, and Fund Management sectors.

Loan Management Software

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Overview of our Product Suite


The screen shots in this section are designed to give a glimpse only of the range of financial products and processes that AXCESS™ can manage.

AXCESS™ is very rarely sold as an “out of the box” solution as it is “personalised” for almost every client. This means that AXCESS™ supports the client’s desired business processes rather than dictates them.

Please contact Axcess to arrange a comprehensive demonstration of AXCESS™ and its capabilities.

Our Expertise

Loan Management Software

We provide value to our clients in a single software platform that both reconciles and manages loans and investment portfolios through a client-centric system and our Cloud-based and Mobile-Ready loan management system that enables user to process loan applications simply using a tablet anywhere in the world.

AXCESS™ Software Suit manages a wide range of loan products including residential UCCC compliant, residential non-compliant, commercial, leasing and personal loans. A range of calculation types can be easily configured and include interest only, principal and interest or combinations of both, either in advance or arrears.

Product options cater for construction, redraw, line of credit, facilities and purchase. Interest charging can be daily through to annually, in advance or in arrears. Products managed include a range of loan types e.g. commercial, housing, personal, leasing etc and investment types including “at call” and “term”, pooled or linked to security e.g contributory mortgages.  AXCESS™ is also used to provide solutions for the management of memberships and loyalty programs.

Don’t change your business practice to fit your software – change the software to fit your business – take control with AXCESS™.